Is a poke Love?

Or is it War?

Here’s what I don’t understand: What does a facebook ‘poke’ mean? For those of you who aren’t familiar with the phenomenon which has gripped facebook, the tool allows the user to poke their friends, with the friend receiving a notification upon their next log in to the site, that they have been poked by someone, also giving them the option to poke back. As you can imagine, this often leads to months of poking back and forth. But what does a poke actually mean? Their is one school of thought, that says that poking is something colloquial friends will do to one another, in a ‘poking war’ of some sorts. But I’m certain that it means more, there is another school of thought saying that poking someone means that you want to sleep with them, and this is where the problem reaches me. My crush, MS, (not Microsoft Word, if you were suspicious of the activities I engage myself in with my computer), and I are involved in a fruitful poking war, started by me, but passionately involving him as well. Just to give you some quick information on my crush, well, he is more of a ‘mutual flirt partner’, who regularly flirts with me, as the title probably suggests, and often refers to himself as gay (as a joke?). This ‘[love] war’ has lasted several months now, and I’m beginning to wonder what this poking actually means. I think that the matter probably affects many more people than me, which is why I wanted to put it forward, as I obviously haven’t been able to ask anyone what they think about it. The idea of poking someone, certainly has an erotic affiliation, but at the same time it has a playful, competitive one. Why did Facebook add this odd application to their website? Is it to give poor love-struck teenagers such as I a false sense of confidence when it comes to their ‘poking partner’?